Top Designer  Bangles- Leather Bracelets


Leather Bracelet Range include 10 commandments - these top designers are Kiki Joias signature-

The 10 commandments are TIMELESS, never going out of fashion!

Bathed in rhodium plaited gold or silver medals along with the leather in a numerous variety of color make a perfect combination -  This top designed  bracelets are made with pure leather and each pendant has one commandment written in latin and the numbers in roman numeric.

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The idea of creating the 10 commandments bracelet came from the Knicks, evolving over the years from religious amulets made in France. They were nothing more than ideological representations, highlighting people's faith. These objects were sacred images that could convey an idea of protection and were made with simple materials available in the region. At that time there was still that could be worked out, modified, and used as accessories that can make any woman more elegant.

Do you know the 10 Commandments?

  1. To love God above all things
  2. No swearing his holy name in vain
  3. Save Sundays and holidays
  4. Honoring father and hand
  5. Do not kill
  6. Not to sin against chastity
  7. Not to Sin
  8. Not to raise false witness
  9. You do not want the next 10 woman not to lust after the things of others
  10. Do not get jealous